Business Board Room

The Business BoardRoom is an invitation only Business Mastermind, Networking and Mentoring Program, exclusively run by Sukhi Wahiwala

  • The Business Boardroom (BBR) is a Monthly Mentoring and Accountability programme.
  • The concept was initially conceived by one of the founder members who was running private coaching session and offered a mid – monthly power call. These calls proved so successful that he wanted to offer this help to more than just his private clients on a one on one basis. He thought there was a way to share with many.
  • Membership is by invitation only and enables members to share in a supportive and friendly environment, problems and challenges they may be encountering both business and personal.
  • In BBR we are there to help them overcome these or find ways to manage these and to move on towards their business s and personal goals
  • In addition to their monthly meeting, members will also receive a monthly accountability call to keep them on course

Who is BBR for?

To be honest is is suitable for anyone, from those entrepreneurs, presently employed with just an idea, who want to see their idea come to life, to the New Start Up, through to those Small to Medium sized Businesses or Business Owners who want to move to the next stage of Growth.

Is there any particular Market Sector?

No to be honest our resident senior Business Coach and Mentor, has had experience and of a wide variety of business sectors, from Retail, Property, through to Electronics, Manufacturing and the World of Finance.

To Book a Taster Session:

Please call Mr. Roman Liptak 0903 437 304