Frequently Asked Questions

Is attendance compulsory ?

We strongly recommend that you attend as many meetings as possible, but it is not compulsory

Must I send a substitute if I cannot attend ?

There is no need to send a substitute, though it would make sense to send a colleague if possible

Can more than one person attend from a business ?

Yes, the business is the member, not the individual – so more than one can attend

Is membership exclusive within each sector ?

There is officially no exclusivity, though we reserve the right to “cap”
sectors where appropriate

Will I receive training on how to be an effective member ?

Yes, every month we hold an Induction meeting for new members

Will I get bored by attending the same type of meeting every fortnight ?

Definitely not !  We use 9 or 10 different meeting formats during the year, to keep things varied and fresh

Can I bring guests along to meetings ?

Yes, apart from certain “members only” events. We welcome guests as they provide variety and growth

Is there a minimum period of membership ?

Initially you commit to one year, thereafter there is a 3 months notice period

Is there a separate charge for food ?

No, your monthly subscription includes all food and drink

Will I have to make a large up-front payment ?

No, there is a modest initial registration charge and then subscriptions are paid monthly

What happens if I am unhappy with the value I have received ?

Subject to your having satisfied three conditions, your 12 months subscriptions will be refunded

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